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URL manager and shortener, powered by Cecil.


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URL is an URL manager (and shortener) powered by Cecil (a static site generator).

How does it work?

URL is files based, so it nead a file to handle the redirection from the slug to the target URL.
So you just have to create this file then URL does the rest of the job.

URL creates:

  1. an HTML file for each URL including the HTML redirect
  2. a Netlify Redirects file
  3. an Apache .htaccess file


Create an URL

To create a new URL just create a Markdown file in the pages/ directory, with a redirect variable stored in the front matter.


File name:

File content:



Build and deploy

  1. Clone this repository and install components with composer install, or run composer create-project cecil/url myproject
  2. Download Cecil
  3. Build the website: php cecil.phar build
  4. Deploy the _site directory on your Web server

With Netlify

Deploy to Netlify


URL is a free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

© Arnaud Ligny