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This will take a bunch of modules and/or packages from a koji tag, or a koji compose, and compare against the sources in a CentOS style git repository ... for newer versions of the modules/packages it will call alt-src to sync them.

It can filter modules/packages manually and also optionally call a CVE checker service to filter embargoed data.

Also has optional, time limited, caching.

It will also show data about what is happening, so people can see if anything stops working.

Default setup is to sync from internal Red Hat EL8 nightly composes to CentOS Stream 8.




Other commands:

  • ./ - Take packages from koji tag/compose and sync them to git.
    • ./ force-push-module N:S:V:C - Push without checking CVE.
    • ./ force-push-package N-V-R - Push without checking CVE.
    • ./ push - Push packages/modules to git (depending on options).
    • ./ download - Download specified packages.
  • ./ - Take an srpm and sync. it to gitlab.
    • ./ push - Push the srpm to gitlab.
    • fgrep 'Filtered Mod' logs/sync2git-$(date --iso=date)
    • fgrep 'Filtered Pkg' logs/sync2git-$(date --iso=date)
  • ./ - Take packages from git and sync them to koji builds.
    • ./ packages
    • ./ modules
    • ./ check-nvr - Check a given NVR against git.
    • ./ check-nvra - Check a given NVRA against git.
    • ./ build-nvr - Build a given NVR from git.
    • ./ build-nvra - Build a given NVRA from git.
    • ./ bpids-list - list koji build tasks
    • ./ bpids-wait - wait for current koji build tasks
    • ./ tag-rpms-hash - Give a hash for the tag, based on all rpms.
    • ./ tag-srpms-hash - Give a hash for the tag, based on srpms.
    • ./ summary-packages - ?
    • ./ list-packages - ?
    • ./ nvra-unsigned-packages - List packages which aren't signed.
    • ./ list-unsigned-packages - List packages which aren't signed.
  • ./ - Get data from a compose.
    • ./ help
    • ./ add - Add a named repo for composes
    • ./ list - List named composes.
    • ./ check - Check for updates on named composes.
    • ./ clean - Clean local storage for named compose data.
  • ./ - Query CVE checker data
    • ./ -h = Do history lookups, for speed
    • ./ -t <duration> = set the query timeout
    • ./ logs <query-id> = Show the log data for the query id
    • ./ history name[-version[-release]] = Show the history of the n/nvr
    • ./ history-n name = Show the history of the name
    • ./ info query = Show the info for the query ID.
    • ./ nvrs nvr... = Query the given NVRs
    • ./ nvr-resume nvr query = Resume the given query of the NVR
    • ./ names name... = Query the given NVRs for local pkgs. named
    • ./ names name... = Query the given NVRs for local pkgs. named
    • ./ file-nvrs nvr... = Query all the nvrs in the files
  • ./ = rpm version comparison in python
    • ./ <s1> <s2> = compare s1 vs. s2 using rpmvercmp logic
  • ./ = caching of data based on mtime
    • ./ dur <secs> = convert seconds into human time
    • ./ durs <secs> = convert seconds into human time
    • ./ secs <time> = convert human time into seconds
    • ./ time <secs> = convert seconds into digitial clock
  • ./ - Check timestamp of the latest logs from the cron jobs.
    • ./ reboot <dir> <prefix>
    • ./ since <dir> <prefix>
    • ./ text <dir> <prefix> [prefix]...
    • ./ html <dir> <prefix> [prefix]...
  • = Simple rpm package object.
  • = Simple rpm repo object.

Finding modules to force push:

  • fgrep 'Filtered Mod' logs/sync2git-$(date --iso=date)*

WTF is it doing?

This is roughly how packages make it to el8 stream, with all the arguments/configuration/options we use:

  • Developer/packager creates new code for el8.
  • That code gets push to an internal compose.
  • sync2git
    • Looks at the compose, for packages and modules.
    • Packages:
      • Filters out any package names in conf/sync2git-packages-denylist.txt
      • Compares the packages versions vs. what is in git, removing packages already there (kind of assumes we don't go backwards).
      • Filters out any package NVRs that are denied by the CVE checker.
      • alt-src the packages
    • Modules:
      • Filters out any modules which contain a package NVR that is denied by the CVE checker.
      • Compares the module versions vs. what is in git, removing modules already there (kind of assumes we don't go backwards).
      • alt-src the module
      • alt-src the packages within the module.
  • sync2build
    • Looks at the koji tag dist-c8-strea, for packages.
      • Filters out any names/nvrs in conf/sync2build-packages-denylist.txt. Note that only a single package is in the koji tag, so removing that NVR will remove that package.
    • For each of the remaining packages we then:
      • Check if we've built that package recently, and if so skip it.
      • On a timed basis we then look at the git repo. for that package:
        • If it has a README.debrand file, we skip it.
      • We then check the tags on that git repo. and parse NVRs from them and for each tagged NVR we:
        • If it is a non-stream package we skip it.
        • If it is a el8 branch release we skip it.
        • If it is a module release we skip it.
        • If it is a rebuild release we skip it.
        • If it matches conf/sync2build-gittags-denylist.txt we skip it.
        • If it is older than the latest build, we skip it.
        • For any NVRs that are left, we ask koji to build it.


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