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This Sample JavaScript chat app is built using JavaScript SDK.
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Channelize JavaScript Widget UI kit

This JavaScript Sample app is built using our JavaScript SDK, this will help you add a chat widget / docked layout to your website which can be customized to build chat exactly how you want, and unbelievably quickly. It enables achieving a beautiful chat app interface for all use-cases like live chat, online consultation & tutoring, team collaboration, messaging, customer support and gaming chat.

See in Action here.

Getting Started

Follow the below steps to add the Channelize chat widget / docked layout to your website.

Step 1: Add widget

Add the Channelize widget div in the body tag of your website.

    <div id="ch_widget"></div>
Step 2: Import Channelize widget file

Import the widget.Channelize.js file after body tag in your website.

<script src=""></script>
Step 3: Import Channelize JS-SDK

Import the Channelize JS-SDK after body tag in your website.

<script src=""></script>
Step 4: Create widget object

Create object and call the load function which will require your public key as an argument.

    const channelizeWidget = new ChannelizeWidget('PUBLIC_KEY');

Customizing the widget

Pre-requisites: Have Node v8.x+ installed.

  1. Update Channelize widget file URL in your index.html file.
<script src="./dist/widget.Channelize.js"></script>
  1. Install required npm packages.
sudo npm install
  1. Build your changes.
sudo npm run build
  1. Start sample app.
npm start
For UI Customizations :
  • Customize the UI of chat widget / docked layout as per your choice by changing the values of predefined variables in ./web-widget/src/scss/variables.scss file or by making changes in the code of the elements/content.
For Function Customizations :
  • Add your own functions or make code-level changes.


Load for logged-in user

Load the Channelize for an already logged-in user, you can use loadWithUserId() method instead of load() method. loadWithUserId() method takes two arguments user-id and access token. you can get access token in the response of login api call.


        const channelizeWidget = new ChannelizeWidget('PUBLIC_KEY');
        channelizeWidget.loadWithUserId('userId', 'accessToken');

Load Recent Conversations Screen

Load the recent conversations screen using loadRecentConversation() method. It takes two arguments user-id and access token.


        const channelizeWidget = new ChannelizeWidget('PUBLIC_KEY');
        channelizeWidget.loadRecentConversation('userId', 'accessToken');

Load Conversation Window

Load conversation window using loadConversationWindow() method. It requires two arguments otherMemberId and conversationId.


        const channelizeWidget = new ChannelizeWidget('PUBLIC_KEY');
        channelizeWidget.loadConversationWindow('otherMemberId', 'conversationId');

File Structure of Channelize Sample App

    |-- dist
        |-- widget.Channelize.js              - Channelize Widget Bundle file
    |-- node_modules
        |-- ...                               - (node packages)
    |-- src
        |-- js
            |-- components  
                |-- conversation-window.js    - conversation screen class
                |-- login.js                  - login class
                |-- recent-conversation.js    - recent conversation class
                |-- search.js                 - search class
            |-- adapter.js                    - Channelize JS SDK functions
            |-- constants.js                  - const variables
            |-- utility.js                    - utility functions
            |-- widget.js                     - widget main functions
        |-- scss
            |-- main.scss                     - main style class
        |-- variables.scss                    - css variables
    |-- index.html                            - sample file
    |-- package.json                          - npm package
    |--                             - description file
    |-- server.js                             - server file
    |-- webpack.config.js                     - webpack setting
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