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Navigation, Interface and interactive experience experiments using world scale Augmented Reality
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plus-unity_city markers

AR Navigation and Monash Wheel Wright Experience

This is a fork based from mapbox-ar-unity which provided a framework for world scale AR navigation. You can find out more about how that works here.

This repo has a series of features including:

  • Experimenting with different methods of navigating people in world space AR via transforming GPS coordinates to objects in local space
  • Simulating real time sun positioning using this code and translating that to lighting in AR
  • A proof of concept building interface that could be used as a novel way of detailing what facilities are on each floor or for exploring information and video in an AR space
  • Prefabs for displaying information on a cube or billboard
  • A short experience that steps the user through the wheelwright's process of putting a tyre on a wheel in AR. You can find out more about that here

Here's a diagram showing how all the different frameworks fit together in Unity: alt text

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