Database connector library for using MySQL with your Arduino projects.
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MySQL Connector/Arduino

Have you ever wanted to connect your Arduino project to a database to either store the data you've collected or retrieve data saved to trigger events in your sketch? Well, now you can connect your Arduino project directly to a MySQL server without using an intermediate computer or a web- or cloud-based service. Having direct access to a database server means you can store data acquired from your project as well as check values stored in tables on the server.

This also means you can setup your own, local MySQL server to store your data further removing the need for Internet connectivity. If that is not an issue, you can still connect to and store data on a MySQL server via your network, Internet, or even in the cloud!

The MySQL Connector/Arduino is a library that permits you to do exactly that and more!

See the reference manual in the extras folder for how to get starting using the library.


This is a new release of the Connector/Arduino library. Older, obsolete versions (version 1.0.4ga and prior) can be found on LaunchPad.

If you have used the older versions and are finding this library thinking it is a new library, you're partially correct. This version is greatly improved over the old version. To see what changed, see the "Changes from Previous Versions" section in the reference manual in the extras folder.