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⚡ cirrus-start

Demo of Cirrus Start

The fastest way to get your idea up and running with Cirrus.

✨ Features

  • 💎 Direct integration with Cirrus using Sass configuration. This allows you to customize what features you want in Cirrus and which classes to add/remove during project generation.
  • ⚙️ Bundled with Webpack to bundle all your assets in a fast and configurable manner. This includes a few standard Webpack plugins and a live reload server for fast iteration.
  • ⚗️ PurgeCSS included by default to minimize build sizes and remove all Cirrus classes that are not used for builds.
  • ⚡ Deploy and tear down your project with ease with

🔨 Getting Started

To get started, clone or download the project.

After installing locally, open up the cirrus-start folder in your favorite text-editor/IDE.

1. Install Dependencies




yarn install


npm install

2. Developing with cirrus-start

Make the changes you want within the project and then run locally with the following commands:

  • yarn build - build project in development mode.
  • yarn watch - build on save without live server.
  • yarn serve - start project with live server.
  • yarn serve:hot - build on save with live server refresh and automatically open the project on localhost.

For npm, replace yarn with npm.

After starting the project, the dev serve should be running on http://localhost:9000. This port number can be updated inside webpack.config.js.

3. Build for production

To create the production build of your project, run the following command:


yarn build:prod


npm run build:prod

4. Deploy your project

Project deployment is powered by, a fast way for developers to launch their front-end project. All projects are given a free * domain. Custom domains can be set with a paid plan.


yarn deploy


npm deploy

Simply follow the prompts after entering the above command.

5. Redeploy your project

To update your existing deployment, use the redeploy command and specify the domain you used.

yarn deploy


npm deploy

6. Teardown your project

Once you no longer need it deployed, use the teardown comand to remove your project's deployment.

yarn teardown


npm teardown

🤝 Contributing PRs Welcome

Read our contributing guide and improve Cirrus together.

We welcome all contributions. Please read our first. You can submit any ideas as pull requests or as GitHub issues.

When creating issues, please follow the templates provided for the issue type you selected. The added detail and formatting will help me understand and resolve your issue faster.

❤️ Sponsors and Backers

I would greatly appreciate any support for the continued development of this project. 😄