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This repository contains the files served at

  • 11/: Twemoji version 11.0.0. Used in ClassicPress 1.0.0
  • 12/: Twemoji version 12.0.1. Used from ClassicPress 1.0.1
  • 14/: Twemoji version 14.0.2. Used from ClassicPress 2.0.0

Files are copied from

Instructions to update Emoji releases

  1. Clone this repository:

    git clone

  2. Download the latest Twemoji release from:

    Unzip the Twemoji release and copy the 72x72 and svg folders from assets to a new folder in the ClassicPress repository Commit these changes and then perform a git pull on the server

  3. Find the commit number for the release from Twemoji gh-pages, for example for 14.0.2 In this case 16fb3e0

    In the ClassicPress API repository: Amend the twemoji/ script to use the new commit version and v location In the example above the line:

    for spec in 16fb3e0:v/14.0.2/svg; do

    Commit this change.

  4. Conntect via ssh to the server, git pull the changes made in step 3 and then run in the twemoji folder.

    Check that the json has been created as:

    It should take the form of the commit hash, and version with some added underscores and appended with json, in this example 16fb3e0_v_14.0.2_svg.json

  5. In the core code for ClassicPress

    Create a new branch and then update the URL for the json file in the build tools tools/build/emoji.js

    Also update the ClassicPress Twemoji URL links in the following files:

  6. Run grunt precommit:emoji This command will add the Emoji Unicodes to: src/wp-includes/formatting.php

    Commit these changes to your local branh and open a PR for review - done!


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