Example project code for the book "Develop Mac Apps With a Clean Architecture and Swift"
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Exploring Mac App Development Strategies

Example project code for the book "Exploring Mac App Development Strategies". Part of the Clean Cocoa Project.

The App

There are 2 app targets in this project:

  1. DDDViewDataExample is the original application which I develop in the book.
  2. CoreDataOnly is the result of the 4th part of the book, where I remove the separation of Core Data objects and Domain Model entities.

Note: This repository contains two other branches for historic reason: core-data-only and core-data-ui. They exist to show how the changes were applied.

The application itself won't be very useful; it's just the result of what I teach in the book and not a piece of software you want to use in your day-to-day life. So the real star is the code and its organization.

Project Groups

These are the project groups that correspond to layers in the application architecture:

  • Infrastructure hosts the database access.
  • Domain is where the business logic and the entities reside; it's supposed to be relatively independent from the actual app, but the CoreDataOnly example deviates from that.
  • Application is glue-code that makes the app run. It's where the AppDelegate lives and other orchestrating service objects do their job. The real meat is pushed into Domain and Infrastructure.
  • User Interface is everything AppKit-related, with Nibs and view controllers and all.


Copyright (c) 2014--2016 Christian Tietze.

The code is distributed under The MIT License (MIT). See the LICENSE file for details.