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Updated Android compiling instructions now that dependencies and addi…

…tional version/lua steps are handled automatically by Gradle.
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@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@ The Gradle project lives in the repository under `android/`. You can build it vi
* libintl-lite (tested with a custom fork of libintl-lite 0.5)
* lua (tested with lua 5.1.5)
Some dependencies need their entire source code copied under the Android project folder so they can be built for Android - see below.
The Gradle build process automatically installs dependencies from [](android/app/
### Setup
@@ -325,23 +325,6 @@ Export Android environment variables (you can add these to the end of `~/.bashrc
Install custom Android dependencies. Change directory to `Cataclysm-DDA` (the root folder of this repository) and run:
git clone ./android/app/jni/SDL2
git clone ./android/app/jni/lua
git clone ./android/app/jni/libintl-lite
Install other Android dependencies SDL2_ttf, SDL2_mixer and SDL2_image. You may download the release ZIPs from from and install them manually under `./android/app/jni/SDL2_xxx`, or clone latest dev with hg:
hg clone ./android/app/jni/SDL2_ttf
hg clone ./android/app/jni/SDL2_mixer
hg clone ./android/app/jni/SDL2_image
Manually generate version and lua bindings:
make version
cd src/lua && lua generate_bindings.lua
### Android device setup
Enable [Developer options on your Android device]( Connect your device to your PC via USB cable and run:

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