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CloudI HtmlUnit Service

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For web scraping modern websites it is necessary to use the rendered result after JavaScript has modified the contents. The cloudi_service_htmlunit CloudI service provides the rendered result as XML while isolating any problems that may exist in the HtmlUnit source code. Browser source code is typically known for instability and HtmlUnit has had memory consumption problems in the past. However, cloudi_service_htmlunit provides reliable HtmlUnit processing while tolerating transient HtmlUnit bugs.


Use maven and JDK >= 1.11 to build:

mvn clean package


Start the cloudi_service_htmlunit Java service:

export JAVA=`which java`
export PWD=`pwd`
export USER=`whoami`
cat << EOF > htmlunit.conf
[[{prefix, "/browser/"},
  {file_path, "$JAVA"},
  {args, "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 "
         "-server "
         "-ea:org.cloudi... "
         "-Xms1g -Xmx1g "
         "-jar $PWD/target/cloudi_service_htmlunit-2.0.7-jar-with-dependencies.jar "
         "-browser default"},
  {count_thread, 4},
   [{owner, [{user, "$USER"}]},
    {directory, "$PWD"}]}]]
curl -X POST -d @htmlunit.conf http://localhost:6464/cloudi/api/rpc/services_add.erl

To extract the Java quickstart from using a XPath query:

curl -G --data-urlencode "url=" --data-urlencode "xpath=//div[@id='Java']" http://localhost:6464/browser/render