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daluu commented Oct 13, 2016

It's not quite clear reading the chronos doc:

Mesos 0.22.0 added support for forcibly pulling the latest version of your Docker image before launching the task, and this behavior can be enabled in Chronos by adding the forcePullImage boolean to your container configuration.

Chronos will default to not doing a `docker pu

guestisp commented Oct 28, 2017

Lizard is very powerful and has a bounch of settings to fine tune replication and failover

These settings should be deeply described in docs because for new users could be a little bit hard to understand how they works

I know there is a chunk loop that parse all chunks and does some action

A better documentation would describe how this loop works, what happens by changing the length and f

okeuday commented Jun 27, 2018

In the API HTML documentation: The example urls currently have the .erl suffix. This needs to change to a .json suffix and example request/response data should be added below.

The Quickstart (in HTML/Markdown) needs to be updated, the Java tutorial, and possibly the FAQ.

The file src/service_api/README.markdown needs to be updated.

This change needs to occur immediately before the

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