Command-line interface for High-Availability cluster management on GNU/Linux systems.
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Latest commit 841c552 Feb 16, 2017 @krig krig low: utils: is_process did not work
Possibly caused by a change to ps, the output listing
includes the name of the process in the argument list
to grep - meaning is_process always returns True.

Change the command to filter out any calls to grep,
and also don't match on parts of process names.

Fixes: #182
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crmsh is a command-line interface for High-Availability cluster management on GNU/Linux systems, and part of the Clusterlabs project. It simplifies the configuration, management and troubleshooting of Pacemaker-based clusters, by providing a powerful and intuitive set of features.

crmsh can function both as an interactive shell with tab completion and inline documentation, and as a command-line tool. It can also be used in batch mode to execute commands from files.



The GNU Autotools suite is used to configure the OCF root directory, the Asciidoc tool which is used to generate documentation and the default daemon user (usually hacluster).

It then calls the python setuptools to actually process the Python module sources and install into the Python system site-packages directory.

make install


./doc: man page, source for the website and other documentation
./crmsh: the code
./templates: configuration templates
./test: unit tests and regression tests
./contrib: vim highlighting scripts and other semi-related
./hb_report: log file collection and analysis tool


crmsh is implemented in Python. The source code for crmsh is kept in a git source repository. To check out the latest development version, install git and run this command:

git clone

There is a git pre-commit hook used to update the data-manifest which lists all the data files to be installed. To install this, run

cp contrib/git-hook-pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit