Digging a Foundation With A Spoon
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A Cocoa Application with no Nibs and no Objective-C Code

C-Macs is a successful attempt to port the ability to dig a foundation with a spoon. The app is written entirely in C, with gratuitous calls to the Objective-C Runtime.


  • Nibless!
  • Main.m-less!
  • Cocoa-less!
  • Uses under 1.5 MB of memory at any one time (most of it is used for drawing the window).
  • A red square in the lower-left-hand corner (drawn in Core Graphics).


  • Absolutely no license. Use it at your own risk, and don't blame me if anything bad happens. Oh, and if you extend it, make sure there isn't any Objective-C in it!

Important Notes & Bugs

  • The app does not release allocated memory;
  • There is an implied autoreleasepool, but one is not explicitly created.
  • A small reliance on __attribute__((constructor)), which is not the best way to do things…
  • WAY too many framework includes and links to dylibs we don't need.
  • Built and tested on OS X Lion. Theoretically, it's possible this works on all machines that support the modern ObjC runtime, however, use on older OSes below 10.6 is highly discouraged.
  • All calls to framework objects are compliant with OS X 10.0+, however the code will only run on intel architectures. This will be remedied first.