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  1. WampSharp WampSharp Public

    A C# implementation of WAMP (The Web Application Messaging Protocol)

    C# 383 86

  2. WampSharp-docs WampSharp-docs Public archive

    Documentation for the WampSharp project

    21 3

  3. uHttpSharp uHttpSharp Public

    Forked from bonesoul/uhttpsharp

    A very lightweight & simple embedded http server for c#

    C# 111 43

  4. Newtonsoft.Msgpack Newtonsoft.Msgpack Public

    Bridging between Newtonsoft.Json and msgpack-cli

    C# 20 3

  5. GraphClimber GraphClimber Public

    Climbs on graph of objects (.net)

    C# 7 4

  6. StompSharp StompSharp Public

    C# (.net) Stomp Client.

    C# 17 45


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