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Web app for the HRT bus API, GitHub Pages, @bschoenfeld and @wbprice
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The HRT Bus Finder is the front end / proof-of-concept to the hrt-bus-api. The live demo can be found here:


The front end is developed using the following:

About the API

The hrt-bus-api is a mash-up of two sources provided by Hampton Roads Transport (HRT). Their bus scheduling information, which is published to General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) and their in-transit routing information which is provided via an alternate source. These two sets of data are pulled into the API and processed, allowing en-route bus tracking.

Front End Development

The hrt-bus-finder runs entirely in the browser. As such, development requires nothing more than an Internet connection and the ability to clone this repository. All dependencies have been included.

Issues / Questions

Any bug reporting or feature requests should be done through the issues tracker in Github.

If you have any general questions regarding this product or Code for Hampton Roads, please feel free to contact us via the Code for Hampton Roads Email.

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