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Code for Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach)

Civic Tech for Hampton Roads Virginia

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  1. hrt-bus-api Public archive

    API and Map app that transform, store, and expose HRT Bus data through a RESTful HTTP endpoint. Python, Heroku, @bschoenfeld

    JavaScript 17 12

  2. Old Landing page for Code for Hampton Roads, GitHub Pages

    JavaScript 17 128

  3. Web app for the HRT bus API, GitHub Pages, @bschoenfeld and @wbprice

    JavaScript 16 33

  4. A platform for matching candidates with voters.

    JavaScript 16 9

  5. The frontend for Code for Hampton Roads' Open Health Inspection Data.

    JavaScript 13 21

  6. Virginia Courts Case Information - Statewide Searches ARE Possible

    Python 10 7


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