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Full-stack JS With Meteor and React - Free Preview

In this tutorial, we're going to build a simple web app from scratch. Topics covered will include:

  • Setting up your development environment.
  • Installing and setting up React in Meteor.
  • Creating a basic and a more advanced React UI component.
  • Using data in React components.
  • Routing
  • Creating a data model
  • Introduction to the JavaScript ES6 syntax.

The Full Length Tutorial

The app we build here will be the starting point for a production-ready app that we will build in the full-length tutorial. Additional topics covered include: just list the chapters?

  • The Publish and Subscribe paradigm.
  • Adding an animated loading indicator.
  • Creating an auto-saving content editor.
  • Creating a click-to-edit React component.
  • Creating components with optional features.
  • Adding login and registration.
  • Making content private to a specific user.
  • Deploying your app.
  • Adding custom styling with Sass and Autoprefixer.
  • App security.


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and use of a command line terminal.
  • A laptop with a code editor of your choice. We’ll be using Sublime Text.
  • Be sure to install Meteor. We’ll be using Mac OSX. However, Meteor is available for Windows and Linux as well.

Get the code

Each step in the tutorial has a corresponding branch in the github repo. I highly recommend that you create the app on your own, but if you should get stuck, you can always check out the branch from the previous step to get caught up.