A basic note-taking app built with Meteor and React.
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A Basic Note-taking App Built with Meteor and React

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This is the app we built during an introductory workshop on Meteor and React JS. This app can be a great starting point for a beginner programmer who wants to take their JS knowledge to the next level.

Just clone the repo, and follow the comments in the code. Start at /app/client/main.js. I recommend trying to build your own version of the app while reviewing the code and the comments.

Run the app

  1. Make sure you have Meteor installed.
  2. Cd into the app directory.
  3. Install npm packages: meteor npm install
  4. Run the app: meteor
  5. View the app in your browser at http://localhost:3000

Some topics covered

  • Eager vs Lazy Loading
  • ES6 Modules (import/export)
  • Publications and Subcriptions
  • Creating your own mini CSS framework
  • Creating React components using plain functions vs with React.Component
  • Setting propTypes and defaultProps
  • Defining and updating React component state

and more...

Getting caught up using git branches.

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Pull down all branches: git fetch --all
  3. View available branches: git branch -a
  4. Check out a specific branch: git checkout remotes/origin/[branchname] eg git checkout remotes/origin/01-setup

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

Leave a comment at the associated blog post or ping me on Twitter.