Workshop for the d3 javascript data visualisation library
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Workshop for the d3 javascript data visualisation library



The main tools you need for this workshop is a text editor and web browser. One example also uses NodeJs to run a small http server to allow us to try loading data asynchronously using d3.

  1. Install NodeJs
  2. Configure the NodeJs server using the command line cd server npm install
  3. Run the NodeJs server node server.js
  4. Navigate your web browser to http://localhost:3000/d3tutorial.html

How we do it

This tutorial will be in three parts. Each part is tackled by uncommenting sections code and talking through their purpose. The sections are:

  1. Basic rendering
  2. Real data and layouts
  3. Your own example

Our goal in parts 1 and 2 is to learn enough about d3 to be able to understand the existing samples so that we can each then pick a sample from the gallery and adapt it to our own needs.

Have fun!