Roll dice, flip coins, and simulate other decision-making methods.
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Roll dice, flip coins, and simulate other decision-making methods.


  • Jason C. McDonald (CodeMouse92)

Another? Why?

Because I feel like it? Seriously, though, I am frequently looking for random generation programs, especially coin and dice simulators. It felt like a simple and fun project that could grow quickly with minimal work.


dicebox contains the following decision-making tools:

  • Flip any number of coins.
  • Roll any number of dice, of any type.
  • Drawing straws. Who will get the short straw?
  • Draw any number of playing cards.
  • Draw a random sock from a drawer. (White, black, red, green, blue, argyle, toe, fuzzy, or stripey.)

dicebox will be first-and-foremost a command-line application. I may add an optional GUI later, but that's not certain.


Right now, I don't have any sort of fancy install script. The easiest way to run dicebox is by downloading the code and running it as a module with Python3.

From within the repository folder, run...

$ python3 -m dicebox


dicebox is written in Python3, primarily targeting the Linux command line.