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001 - Balloon Game
Object Oriented Programming/Week 1

HTML Game Development Course

Game development is an area every kid talks about when you ask them what they want to learn, and who are we to dissappoint. This will be coderdojo's first HTML game focused course. During the weeks we will teach how you build some really cool web games and in doing so teach the following key principles

  • functions
  • variables
  • logic (if, else)
  • loops

Teaching these key principles will give the kids an excellent platform for programming and will enable them to move into more advanced languages such as python, java etc.

This course will utilise the following languages/technologies

  • HTML / HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js

I am hoping this course will the first course built on collaboration between dojo's, so I encourage you to raise issues with game's ideas and we will build this in an opensource manner.

I hope everyone will share their ideas

  • If you have a game idea add it to the projects issue on github
  • If you want to provide some feedback / comments add them to the google group - coderdojo-htmlgamedev