landing pages for programming club learning materials | Einführungsseiten der CoderDojo Materialien
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Programming Introduction Tutorials

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This is an introduction site for programming tutorials. The following use-cases are considered:

  • Distribute the web page
    1. View the website online
      The webpage is served by GitHub pages. You can view it online anytime you want. Even after a meeting, you can continue to use it at home.
    2. Download the website for offline usage
      You can distribute it with a USB-Device. Some of the tutorials are available offline and visibly marked.
    3. Distribute the webpage locally
      You may install the offline server on a local computer. People can access it without an internet connection. With a low-bandwidth internet connection, they can choose a local server from the menu and work on local tutorials. This frees up the internet connection and speeds up response time.
  • Customize your page
    1. Languages
      Sometimes not all participants in a meeting speak the local language. Translations are the same for all pages. Your page profits from translations others make.
    2. Flexible structure
      Each programming club or meeting can have its own page. You can choose from a variety of tutorials and add new ones.

This page is used by the following CoderDojos:

If you like to add new pages, translate or change something, the documentation can help. If you have any questions or like to get in touch, join our chat on gitter. This is a beginner-friendly environent where we would like to help you get started with programming. You can work on issues to help us.