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Term Mouse

A mouse reporting interface

Originally based on TooTallNate's gist, rewritten to use all the mouse reporting modes.


var mouse = require('term-mouse')();

	.on('click', function(e) {
		console.log('you clicked %d,%d with the %s mouse button', e.x, e.y, e.button /* 'left', 'middle' or 'right' */);
	.on('scroll', function(e) {
		console.log('you scrolled %s', e.button /* 'up' or 'down' */);


var mouse = require('term-mouse')(options);


  • input - the stream to read events from, defaults to process.stdin
  • output - the stream to write control codes to, defaults to process.stdout
  • utf8 - whether to use UTF-8 (1005) reporting mode, this could break things if your terminal only supports the standard reporting mode or if you're using a non-UTF-8 locale


  • event - move, buttons and scroll
  • move
  • buttons - when a button is pressed or released
  • scroll
  • up - when a button is pressed
  • down - when a button is released
  • click - up after down, here there are two event objects passed: the first is from when the button was pressed, the second is from the button being released

All of these include an event object:

  • shift - whether the shift key is down
  • meta - whether the meta (alt) key is down
  • ctrl - whether the control key is down
  • name - 'scroll', 'move' or 'buttons'
  • button - 'left', 'middle', 'right' or 'none' if the button is released
  • btnNum - the button that was pressed / released, if it's not using xterm's ASCII reporting mode then it'll be null when the button is released
  • down - if the button is down
  • x - the x coordinate of the cursor
  • y - the y coordinate of the cursor
  • sequence - the string that caused this event (if it's using the standard reporting mode, this could be incorrect because the real sequence is invalid UTF-8)
  • buf - the sequence that caused this event as a buffer

Useful References

I looked at and while making this.


A simple mouse reporter




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