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Odkryj z nami swoją ścieżkę kariery w branży IT!


  1. coderskit coderskit Public

    Custom design system and set of react components created for usage across CodersCrew projects.


  2. slide-decks slide-decks Public

    Framework for creating reusable slides and presentations in React.

    JavaScript 1 3

  3. inStudy inStudy Public archive

    Portal, that connects active students with student initiatives across the Wroclaw.

    JavaScript 2

  4. coders-card coders-card Public

    Responsive, virtual CV for developers. Created with Next.js and Netlify CMS.

    TypeScript 11 21

  5. material-ui-kit material-ui-kit Public

    UI Kit based on the Material Design with all styles, icons, and components available in the Material UI library.

    TypeScript 4

  6. coders-board coders-board Public

    Open source organization management system created for CodersCrew.

    TypeScript 3 1


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