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A ruby wrapper for the repl talk gql api.

Getting Started


gem "repltalk"

Initializing Client

require "repltalk"

client =

Once you have your client initialized, you can start getting users, posts, comments etc.

Code Snippets

A few small snippets of examples of what you can do with the repltalk gem

Get CodingCactus' posts from the top 100 posts:

client.get_posts(order: "Top", count: 100).select { |post| == "CodingCactus" }

Get the 10 most recent ruby post's URLs

client.get_posts(count: 10, languages: ['ruby']).map { |post| post.url }

See how many people have forked CodingCactus' classrooms repl


See how many comments in a post mention CodingCactus

mentions = 0
client.get_post(33995).get_comments(count: 999999999).each do |comment|
	mentions += 1 if comment.content.include?("@CodingCactus")
	comment.get_comments.each { |child_comment| mentions += 1 if child_comment.content.include?("@CodingCactus") }
	sleep 0.25 # need to be careful with rate limits

See how many repls of each language CodingCactus has

lang_count = client.get_user("CodingCactus").get_repls(count: 999999).reduce( do |langs, repl|
  langs[] += 1

All Methods Documentation


  • #get_user username Get a user from their username. Returns User
  • #get_user_by_id id Get a user from their id. Returns User
  • #search_user query, :count Search for users whose username start with the query. Returns array of Users. Need to be logged in, unfortunately
  • #get_post id Get a post from it's id. Returns Post
  • #get_comment id Get a comment from it's id. Returns Comment
  • #get_repl url Get a repl from it's url. Returns Repl
  • #get_repl_comment id Get a repl comment from its id. Returns ReplComment
  • #get_board name Get a board from it's name. Returns Board
  • #get_posts :board, :order, :count, :after, :search Get posts from repltalk. Returns array of Posts
  • #create_post board_name, title, content, :repl_id, :show_hosted Create a repl talk post. Returns Post
  • #get_explore_featured_repls Get the featured repls on explore. Returns array of Repls
  • #get_trending_tags :count Get the tags which are trending on explore. Returns array of Tags
  • #get_tag id Get a tag. Returns Tag


  • #id User's id
  • #username User's username
  • #name User's full name
  • #pfp URL of the user's pfp
  • #bio User's bio
  • #timestamp When the account was made
  • #is_hacker Whether the user has the hacker plan
  • #roles User's roles. Returns an array of Roles
  • #languages Languages that the user has used. Returns array of Languages
  • #get_posts :order, :count, :after Get the user's posts. Returns array of Posts
  • #get_comments :order, :count, :after Get the user's comments. Returns array of Comments
  • get_repls :count, :order, :direction, :before, :after, :pinnedReplsFirst, :showUnnamed Get the user's repls. Returns array of Repls


  • #id Post's id
  • #url Post's url
  • #repl Repl attached to the post. Returns nil if there is none. Else returns Repl
  • #board Board that the post is from. Returns Board
  • #title Post's title
  • #author Post's author. Returns User
  • #content Post's content
  • #preview Preview of the post's content.
  • #timestamp When the post was posted
  • #vote_count How many votes there post has
  • #comment_count How many comments the post has
  • #answer The comment that has been marked as the answer. Returns nil if there is none, else Comment
  • #is_answered Whether an answer has been selected
  • #is_answerable Whether you are able to answer the post
  • #is_announcement Whether the post in marked as an announcement
  • #is_pinned Whether the post is pinned
  • #is_locked Whether the post is locked
  • #is_hidden Whether the post is hidden (unlisted)
  • #get_upvotes :count Get the users that have upvoted the post. Count defaults to 10. Returns array or Users
  • #get_comments :order, :count, :after Get the post's comments. Returns array of Comments
  • #create_comment content Comment on the post. Returns Comment
  • #edit :title, :content, :repl_id, :show_hosted Edit the post. Returns Post
  • #delete Delete the post
  • #report reason Report the post


  • #id Comment's id
  • #url Comment's url
  • #author Comment's author. Returns User
  • #content Comment's content
  • #post_id Id of the post that the comment is on
  • #is_answer Whether the comment has been selected as the answer to a post
  • #vote_count How many votes the comment has
  • #timestamp When the comment was made
  • #get_post Get the post that the comment was made on. Returns Post
  • #get_comments Get the children comments of the comment. Returns array of Comments
  • #get_parent Get the parent comment of a child comment. Returns nil if it isn't a child, else Comment
  • #create_comment content reply to the comment. Returns Comment
  • #edit content Edit the comment. Returns Comment
  • #delete Delete the comment
  • #report reason Report the comment


  • #id Repl's id
  • #url Repl's URL
  • #title Repl's name
  • #author Repl's author. Returns User
  • #description Repl's description
  • #timestamp When the repl was made
  • #size How many bytes the repl is
  • #run_count How many times the repl has been run
  • #fork_count How many times the repl has been forked
  • #language Repl's language. Returns Language
  • #image_url Repl image's url
  • #origin_url Url of the repl from which this repl was forked
  • #is_private Whether the repl is private
  • #is_always_on Whether the repl is always on
  • #tags Tags tagged on the repl. Returns array of Tags
  • #reactions Reactions reacted on the repl. Returns array of Reactions
  • #get_forks Repl's forks. Returns array of Repls
  • #get_comments Repl's comments. Returns array of ReplComments
  • #create_comment content Comment on the repl
  • #add_reaction type Add a reaction to the repl
  • #remove_reaction type Remove a reaction from the repl
  • #publish description, image_url, tags, :enable_comments Publish the repl. Use this to publish an update too
  • #unpublish Unpublish the repl


  • #id Comment's id
  • #content Comment's content
  • #author Comment's author. Returns User
  • #repl Repl the comment was made on. Returns Repl
  • #replies Comment's replies. Returns array of ReplComments
  • #create_comment content Reply to the repl comment
  • #edit content Edit the repl comment
  • #delete Delete the repl comment


  • #id Tag's id (name)
  • #repl_count How many repls are listed under the tag
  • #creator_count How many different users are listed under the tag
  • #is_trending Whether the tag is trending
  • #repls_tagged_today_count How many repls have been published with the tag today
  • #get_repls :count, :after Get the top 10 repls that have the tag. Returns array of Repls


  • #id Reaction's id
  • #type Reaction's type (heart, eyes etc.)
  • #count How many people have reacted with this reaction on the repl


  • #id Language's id (like 'python3' or 'html')
  • #key Language's key
  • #name Language's name (like 'Python' or 'HTML, CSS, JS')
  • #tagline Language's tagline
  • #category Category that the language is in
  • #icon URL of the language's icon


  • #name Role's name
  • #key Role's key
  • #tagline Role's tagline


  • #id Board's id
  • #name Board's name
  • #color Board's color
  • #description Board's description


The most complete wrapper for the repl talk gql api




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