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The repo that goes hand in hand with the Learn Wagtail CMS Video Course (
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Learn Wagtail (from scratch)

All the code in this repository is what you've seen in the Learn Wagtail video course. This repo follows a course designed to teach Wagtail without necessarily understanding Django or any other Python specific packages. course

The entire Learn Wagtail course, and additional materials, can be found at There are more written tutorials on

YouTube Playlist

All the videos are hosted on YouTube as well There's currently over 35 videos to digest. And once again, all the code you see in the videos can be referrenced in this GitHub repository.


Most of the videos have some form of written tutorial that you can find on the website. But please keep in mind that is not trying to re-write the Wagtail Documentation, it's merely an additional support line. For more clear documentation about feature-specific details, you are always urged to read the Wagtail Docs.


Are you new to Wagtail CMS? Or do you have a question that isn't answered in the docs or on StackOverflow? You can join the free community of almost 1,000 members on Slack

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