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Coding Garden

All of the Code and Resources for the videos/livestreams on the Coding Garden Twitch and YouTube channel.


  1. faqs Public

    Welcome to the Coding Garden Frequently Asked Questions! If you are new here and you have a general question, it's very likely I've answered it already.

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  2. Forked from w3cj/vscode-settings

    All of the themes / plugins / extensions / settings I use for VSCode.

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  3. code-katas Public

    The code for the katas I solve live on stream.

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  4. A url shortener created live on stream in 3133.7 seconds.

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  5. For your first project, you will build a frontend website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website will communicate and integrate with a 3rd party Web API.

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  6. JavaScript 107 66


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