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Sets the language for the site
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Usability improvements

Language selector

Provides a language_selector view to use in your themes. If you are using a default theme, there is an admin option to extend the header with the language selector. Check the admin settings of the plugin for things to configure.


  • language_selector/default view to use in themes
  • handles translation preferences for logged in (user preferences) AND non logged in users (cookies)
  • incorporated autodetection of browser language (only for non logged in users)
  • language selector display country codes or flags


  • To add a language selector in a custom position, use elgg_view('language_selector/default')
  • To display a language selector with a dropdown, use elgg_view('language_selector/dropdown')
  • To add a custom language icon or replace an existing one, add an image file (svg, jpg, png, gif) in your plugin under /views/default/language_selector/flags/$language_code.$ext.
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