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This is a trivial LLVM pass, which can be extended to analyse or transform LLVM IR. To build:

$ mkdir Build
$ cd Build
$ cmake ..
$ make

This will produce a library, called SimplePass.dyld (on OS X) or SimplePass.so (on other UNIX-like systems). This library can then be loaded by clang and will automatically insert itself at the end of the optimisation pipeline.

To use it, run this command from the build directory:

$ clang -Xclang -load -Xclang ./SimplePass.so -c {some source file}

The pass will be invoked at any optimisation level. Note that trivial example programs will have all of their alloca instructions replaced with SSA registers by the SROA (Scalar Replacement of Aggregates) pass, so you will need to ensure that your test program has a stack allocation whose address is taken. The following simple example will work:

void foo(void*);
void bar(void)
	char x[42];