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A utility to convert valid XML documents into React elements.
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Converts an XML document into a React tree.

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This library may only be used in projects using React version 0.13.x or greater.


npm install --save @condenast/xml-to-react

This assumes you are using npm as your package manager.


import XMLToReact from '@condenast/xml-to-react';

const xmlToReact = new XMLToReact({/* converters */});
const reactTree = xmlToReact.convert(/* XML string */);

Simple Example

Convert XML nodes into DOM elements with any provided attributes

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import XMLToReact from '@condenast/xml-to-react';
import MyListItem from './MyListItem';

const xmlToReact = new XMLToReact({
  Example: (attrs) => ({ type: 'ul', props: attrs }),
  Item: (attrs) => ({ type: MyListItem, props: attrs })

const reactTree = xmlToReact.convert(`
  <Example name="simple">
    <Item i="1">one</Item>

ReactDOM.render('app-container', reactTree);
export default function MyListItem({ children, i }) {
  return <li data-i={i}>{children}</li>;

This example would render the following:

<div id="app-container">
  <ul name="simple">
    <li data-i="1">one</li>


Converters are required mapping functions that define how an XML node should be converted to React. A converter must return an object in the format { type, [props] }, which is intended to be passed to React.createElement.

  • type - required tagName, React component, or React fragment
  • props - (optional) props object


function myConverter(attributes) {
  return {
    type: 'div',
    props: {
      className: 'test'

XMLToReact constructor

The XMLToReact class is instantiated with a map of converters.

  nodeName: converterFunction

convert( xml, data )

  • xml {string} - xml node or document
  • data {Object} - (optional) any data to be passed to all converters

Prior Art

  • jsonmltoreact demonstrated this technique using JsonML, and serves as motivation for this project.


  • xmldom for providing a solid XML parser.
  • Rollup for simple and quick module bundling.
  • React for the innovation.


See the list of contributors who participated in writing this library.


  • Daniel Taveras (@taveras)
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