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It's showtime for your terminal!

Showterm lets your record a terminal session exactly as you experience it, right down to the syntax highlighting.

Installation instructions (gem install showterm) and usage instructions (showterm program) are available in the showterm. :)

(yes, this is me using showterm inside showterm; it's like inception, but with more syntax highlighting)


If you'd like to run your own showterm server, you can export SHOWTERM_SERVER=http://showterm.myorg.local/ to configure your showterm client to talk to it.


  • Allow embedders to chose colourschemes (at least light vs. dark background).


Showterm doesn't preserve enough context for rvm to work correctly. This can cause some ruby programs (e.g. capistrano) to crash when used inside a showterm. To fix this run: rvm use before running any ruby programs:

[~/repo/www] > showterm
Showterm recording. (Exit shell when done.)
[~/repo/www] >  rvm use
Using /Users/jasghar/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p286
[~/repo/www] > cap deploy


As usual, bug-reports and pull requests are welcome; everything is MIT licensed (see LICENSE.MIT).


This would not have been doable without the excellent terminal emulator I borrowed from Christopher Jeffrey's incredible tty.js.

For terminal recording on a mac, this gem bundles Satoru Takabayashi's awesome ttyrec program.