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Cloud Native SSH - Launch containers on demand


ContainerSSH launches a new container for each SSH connection in Kubernetes, Podman or Docker. The user is transparently dropped in the container and the container is removed when the user disconnects. Authentication and container configuration are dynamic using webhooks, no system users required.


On, you can find the documentation as well as all the relevant project information and links in one place.

ContainerSSH social media screenshot


There are several new features planned for the next releases. You can view them on the website dashboard.


For our general community-relevant files like licensing, code of conduct, and contribution guidelines, please check out the community repository.

Check out the ContainerSSH Slack and participate in shaping this project's future. You can also join us in the Working Group!

GitHub Structure

All repositories are public. If you would like to contribute more and need a new repository, you can add a pull request to github-terraform.


The ContainerSSH repository contains the main ContainerSSH releases, and all issues for ContainerSSH.


The libcontainerssh repository contains the core ContainerSSH codebase, and also serves as a library that you can embed for building an authentication/configuration webhook server, or to embed ContainerSSH itself.


Our branding repository contains all logos and additional imagery. While the code and accompanying documentation are free to use under the Apache 2.0 license, ContainerSSH' visual identity has its own license.


  1. ContainerSSH: Launch containers on demand

    Go 2.1k 50

  2. Embedded ContainerSSH and webhook helper library

    Go 26 10

  3. The ContainerSSH website

    Python 32 14

  4. images Public

    The ContainerSSH container images

    Go 1

  5. examples Public

    ContainerSSH examples

    Dockerfile 8 7

  6. MiniContainerSSH Public archive

    A learning-focussed, simplified implementation of ContainerSSH

    Go 6 1