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Community Examples

Resistor Calculator

An electronic Resistor Calculator created using EaselJS.

Simple Animation

Simple example that shows how to do basic animation in EaselJS.

Complete code included.

Follow Drone

Uses EaselJS to create a snake like shape that follows you mouse.

Complete code is included.

Pixel Flow

A simple example / app that allows you to choose an image, and then create some designs using the colors from the image. The core drawing functionality is built about the HTML5 canvas element and the EaselJS library. It also leverages CSS3 transitions and transformation for animating the UI elements (loading and unloading).

Complete code is included.

Spiral Designer

Example that uses EaselJS to create designs / graphics based on spirals.

Complete code is included.

HTML5 Platformer

HTML5 platform game built on top of EaselJS. Complete code is included.

Project Examples

Example included as part of the project and checked into GitHub at https://github.com/CreateJS/EaselJS/tree/master/example .

Bar Graph

Bitmap Sequences

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop #2

Extract Frame from SpriteSheet

Global to Local

Global to Local #2

Graphics Test

Graphics Test Tiny


localToGlobal API

Matrix Test

Skew Test


Sparkles Fade

Sprite Sheet Flip

Text Test

Text Wrapping