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ProvenanceMatrix presents an interactive visual representations of two Euler/X-aligned classifications; showing spatially aggregated concept pairs that are ambiguously articulated and are logically responsible for the possible world alignments.

ProvenanceMatrix supports interactive capabilities to help users in exploring very large alignment of two taxonomies. The ability to order by articulations arranges similar concepts so that they appear together in the visualization. Smooth lensing allows the viewer to focus on a particular a group of concepts that is of interest. Finally, brushing and linking capacity allow viewer to navigate over the hierarchical structure and highlight related concepts in the associated taxonomy.

The application (ProvenanceMatrix1_7.jar) is available in application folder.


The demo video is available at:

More pictures of version 1.7: ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot ScreenShot


The project is a collaboration with:

  1. Nico Franz, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
  2. Bertram Ludäscher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA

We thank Matt Yoder, Hong Cui, and James A. Macklin who provided useful insight feedback on the project.

This work was funded by the DARPA Big Mechanism Program under ARO contract WF911NF-14-1-0395 and the National Science Foundation through NSF DEB-1155984, DBI-1342595, NSF IIS-118088, DBI-1147273.