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wityCMS is a lightweight Content Management System (CMS) in PHP, Model-View-Controller oriented.

This CMS uses its own templating system, named WTemplate, developed as a separate GitHub project but included here as a submodule.



  • An Apache server with PHP 5.3+ or PHP7, mod_rewrite enabled and .htaccess files allowed;
  • A SQL server, like MySQL or MariaDB, with a database available;
  • A FTP client, like FileZilla, to upload the files;
  • Download the latest version of wityCMS: zip.

Let's go


  1. Unzip and copy wityCMS files on your web server using FileZilla.
  2. Open a navigator and go to the URL of your web server.
  3. Here, the installation page should be asking you information about your server, and your admin account. Fill in all the required fields until all the tabs are marked as valid.
  4. Click on "Launch install".
  5. Congratulations! wityCMS have just generated its configuration files (in system/config), created all its tables in the database and inserted the first user (you!) as an administrator. The system is ready to be used.


Q: I just installed my wityCMS website, why is the index working but not the admin, nor the other pages?

If you encounter page loading issues, please check that the file .htaccess is present at the root directory of your website.

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