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Mining blocks and stroking cocks!


This Spigot (butt)plugin allows you (or anyone else, if you choose) to control your sex toys from within Minecraft!

We accept Pull Requests!

Table of contents

How to build

This plugin uses to to talk to your toys. But because there isn't a central maven repository for the java library (at the time of writing) we will have to clone it...

git clone
cd buttplug-rs-ffi/java

...and build it ourselves.

If you get any errors, feel free to create an Issue, or ask for help in #questions-and-support in the official Discord.

./gradlew build

Finally we have to install the jar in a local Maven repository, so we can actually use it in our plugin.

I assume you have Maven installed as it seems to be pretty standard in Minecraft plugin scene. I might look into adding gradle one day. Or make a Pull Request!

mvn install:install-file \
  -Dfile=lib/build/libs/lib-0.0.1.jar \
  -DgroupId=io.buttplug \
  -DartifactId=buttplug \
  -Dversion=0.0.1 \
  -Dpackaging=jar \

This is so we can use it as a dependency in our pom.xml.

Once you've done the above, you can now build this plugin.

cd ButtplugMC
mvn package

Installing the plugin into a server is now as simple as copying the built jar at target/ButtplugMc-0.0.1.jar to your servers plugins folder.

mv target/ButtplugMc-0.0.1.jar $MINECRAFT_SERVER_PATH/plugins

How to use it

Once you have installed the plugin you will need to run Intiface on your computer. This is the server which will actually communicate with your toys, usually via bluetooth. This plugin simply sends commands to the Intiface server. I personally use the CLI version, because I prefer terminally things.

Now, you should be able to turn on your toy, and start the server.

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

Now log in, and try running /add-toy.

You should see a log saying something like:

[ButtplugMC] Enabling ButtplugMC...
[ButtplugMC] searching for toys...
[ButtplugMC] searching for toys...
[ButtplugMC] found device: Sexy Toy 9000
[ButtplugMC] ButtplugMC is enabled.

It might take a few seconds to find the toy.

If it doesn't find a toy, try:

  • restarting the Minecraft server
  • restarting the Intiface server
  • turning the toy off and on again

If it still doesn't work, feel free to file an Issue.


  • /add-toy - Connect your toy to an Intiface server and search for a single vibrate-based toy.
  • /vibrate [strength=0-100] - Manually vibrate your toy

Event listeners

  • Mine a block and the toy will vibrate (configurable)
  • Take damage and they toy will vibrate (configurable)


You can even control your toys with Redstone!

Type the following into a Command Block and give it a redstone signal and your toy should vibrate!

execute as PLAYER_NAME run vibrate 100

The following simple build alternates between execute as PLAYER_NAME run vibrate 100 and execute as PLAYER_NAME run vibrate 0 to make the toy turn off and on again every 0.4 seconds.



This Spigot (butt)plugin allows you (or anyone else, if you choose) to control your sex toys from within Minecraft!






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