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#KAT2WAV Treyarch soundbank exporter

###Description Treyarch is a company known for porting Tony Hawk's Pro Skater titles (1 and 2) on Dreamcast and Original Xbox. Level sounds on Dreamcast are stored in KAT containers. On Xbox it is slightly different and wears XSB extension, however it is not the common XSB, but a variation of KAT container. This tool supports both KAT and XSB containers found in Treyarch console ports.

The goal was to get the high quality sounds from THPS1 title, since there were no other sources or tools to convert it.

###Supported games

  • Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (Dreamcast)
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Dreamcast)
  • Tony Hawk's Pro SKater 2x (Xbox)

Even though THPS2 on Dreamcast was ported by Treyarch as well, this tool won't work with it. THPS2 uses 4 bit ADCM compression instead of 8 bit, hence if you'll try to convert it, you'll only end up into bunch of distorted WAvs. However, you can get all the sounds from other ports, including PC and Xbox.


  1. Important: copy your KAT/XSB file off the CD to any place on your hard drive.
  2. Run the exe
  3. Pick the KAT/XSB file
  4. Wait for "Done" message
  5. Check for the new folder, called as the container, but without extension (i.e. "roswell.kat" -> "roswell" folder)

2015, DCxDemo*.