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Upgrade Process

This release introduces so major changes to the way we ensure our data is valid. The upgrade process is detailed on the wiki: https://github.com/DMPRoadmap/roadmap/wiki/Upgrading-from-v1.x-to-2.0.0



  • Template Sections can now be re-organised via drag-and-drop
  • Changed message text for flash notice when removing User permissions (#1880)
  • Added button to download list of CSV users (#1754)
  • Added status for total org users and plans (#1760)


  • Comments are now visible by default, without having to click "Show" (#1873)
  • Updated text labels on form buttons for better clarity (#1781)
  • Removed multi-select box as an answer format (#1771)


  • Normalised asset compilation. Now you can use rake assets:precompile to build JS and CSS assets.
  • Consolodated and simplified JS code.
    This commit removes duplication in the JS code, making it simpler and easier to manage (#1752)
  • Added new System-wide configuration for plan readability. Developers can now set whether org admins may view each plan within their org or not, via branding.yml
  • Added Bullet gem to identify sub-optimal database queries in development mode #1675
  • Replaced MiniTest suite with RSpec (#1664)
  • Installed Capybara and Selenium for integration tests #1668
  • Removed unused methods from models #1572
  • Add additional validations to ActiveRecord models
    NOTE: This will require you to run some rake tasks to ensure your own data is valid. Please view this README for more information (#1572)
  • Installed Annotate gem for automated comments in Gemfile and models (#1672)
  • Renamed deprecated deliver methods to deliver_now (#1695)
  • Replaced fixtures with FactoryBot factories for tests (#1651)
  • Added Faker gem for better factory test data (#1666)
  • Added Shoulda gem for cleaner tests
  • Removed attr_accessible from models and added strong params to controllers (#100)
  • The BetterSpecs.org is now our standard guide for writing tests (#1665)
  • Replaced instances of raw method with sanitize for safer HTML escaping (#532)
  • Removed unused accessibility link from layout footer (#1734)
  • Removed number field from sections form (#1371)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug preventing users from adding new questions (#1723)
  • Fixed CSS bug causing page footer to overlap when page content is long (#1300)
  • Fixed bug on plan downloads that was ignoring the user-defined configurations (#1730)
  • Fixed bug when downloading a public or org DMP (#1841, #1785)
  • Fixed bug on user org change that ensures other_organization column is reset (#1736)
  • Fixed bug preventing super-admin from switching orgs (#1835)
  • Fixed the layout of annotations within questions (#1833)
  • Fixed bug preventing users from requesting feedback on a plan (#1845)
  • Fixed bug affecting the display order of sections within templates (#1371)
  • Fixed instances where TinyMCE would not load when added by Ajax (#1777)
  • Fixed bug showing the wrong value for "Not customised" templates (#1815)
  • Fixed bug showing guidance with multiple themes multiple times (#1755)
  • Fixed bug showing incorrect display name for guidance subgroups (#1409)
  • Fixed bug causing org dropdown on sign-up form to be empty when is_other is false (#1809)
  • Fixed bug breaking autosave on TinyMCE forms (#1878)
  • Fixed bug preventing org admin from turning on feedback (#1877)