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A lightweight Web IDE UI Framework

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The Molecule is a lightweight Web IDE UI framework which is built with React.js and inspired by the VSCode. We have designed the Extension APIs similar to the VSCode, to help developers extend the Workbench in an easier way. It's convenient to integrate the Molecule with React.js applications. It has been applied to many products in DTStack

Online Preview


  • Built-in the Visual Studio Code Workbench UI
  • Compatible with the Visual Studio Code ColorTheme
  • Customize the Workbench via React Component easily
  • Built-in Monaco-Editor Command Palette, Keybinding features
  • Support the i18n, built-in Simplified Chinese, Korean and English
  • Built-in Settings, support to edit and extend via the Extension
  • Built-in basic Explorer, Search components, and support extending via the Extension
  • Typescript Ready


npm install @dtinsight/molecule
# Or
yarn add @dtinsight/molecule

Basic Usage

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { create, Workbench } from '@dtinsight/molecule';
import '@dtinsight/molecule/esm/style/mo.css';

const moInstance = create({
    extensions: [],

const App = () => moInstance.render(<Workbench />);

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));

The extension is the Extension applications entry, more details about Extension, please read the Quick Start.



git clone

Clone the source code into your local

Development Mode

yarn # Install dependencies

yarn dev # Start dev mode

The Molecule using the Storybook to manage and develop the React components, the default visiting address is http://localhost:6006/.


yarn test -u

Build & Preview

yarn build # Compile to ESM
yarn web # Web Preview Mode

We compile the source code into the ES6 modules and output to the esm folder. Besides the Storybook development mode, there also builtin a Web Preview mode using the ESM modules.


Refer to the CONTRIBUTING.


  • We use DingTalk to communicate,You can search the group number 30537511 or scan the QR code below to join the communication group


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