Simple command-line tool for generating README files from .NET Core's project.json
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This is a simple command-line tool, that enables C# developers to turn their project.json file into a beautifully looking Markdown, HTML or plain text file.


Open up Windows Command Prompt (Win+R and enter cmd.exe) or Powershell. Locate the ProjectToReadme.exe's folder on your computer (the executable file's name is due to change in future releases).


Typing -s project.json -f Markdown -t File as the command-line arguments will generate a file for a project.json file which is located in the same directory as the executable file.

Command-line arguments

So far, there are 3 supported and (all) required options to be supplied for the program to work properly.

  • -s or -S -> This option specifies the location of the source project.json file. Possible values: any valid file location.
  • -f or -F -> This option specifies, whether the output will be a README in Markdown, HTML or plain text. Possible values: Markdown, Html or Text.
  • -t or -T -> This option specifies, whether the output will be placed in a README file (with the appropriate extension) or outputted into the console. Possible values: Text or File.


Daniel Zikmund

Libraries used

My special thanks go to Newtonsoft for providing the great Json.NET library. ##License License is included in the LICENSE.txt file of this project.