A .NET imaging library that extends System.Drawing functionality
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Bumpkit (1.0.1 Documentation)

This is a .NET library that extends the System.Drawing GDI libraries. Useful for on-the-fly image generation in .NET-based web applications.


  • Image sizing/scaling extensions
  • Image rotation extensions
  • Lightning-fast pixel manipulation
  • Animated GIF generation (utilizes native gif encoding)
  • Font bordering and glow effects (DrawString on steroids)
  • Other extensions (Point, Color, etc)



  • Resize images with a single extension method
  • Maintain image aspect ratio sizing to a height or width or confine to a boundary



  • Rotate images with a single extension method
  • Maintain image centering to boundaries and scale to fit or maintain sizing ratio

Fast Pixel Access:


  • Provides access to an Image's pixels in a locked session
  • Allows lightning-fast custom image manipulation
  • Provides direct memory access wrapped in a light-weight disposable context

Animated GIF Generation:


  • Formats multiple images/frames into a single animated GIF file
  • Utilizes native .NET GIF encoding (simply adds missing animation file-headers)
  • Fast (relative to other GIF libraries)

Font Effects:

System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawString(text, font, brush, x, y, border, borderColors, colorOffsets)

  • Utilizes native .NET font processing
  • Fast effect generation
  • Flexible API implementation


Scaling an image to fit a specified size maintaining scale ratio

var scaledImage = Image.FromFile("").ScaleToFit(new Size(100, 100));

Scaling an image to "overflow" or "cover" a specified size maintaining scale ratio

var scaledImage = Image.FromFile("").ScaleToFit(new Size(100, 100), ScalingMode.Overflow);

Scaling an image without disposing the original image

var img = Image.FromFile("");
var scaledImage = img.ScaleToFit(new Size(100, 100), false);
var scaledImage2 = img.ScaleToFit(new Size(100, 100), false, ScalingMode.Overflow);

Stretching an image to fit a specified size

var stretchedImage = Image.FromFile("").Stretch(new Size(100, 100));

Rotating an image

var rotationOverflow = Image.FromFile("").Rotate(45);
var rotationFit = Image.FromFile("").Rotate(45, ScalingMode.FitContent); // scales down to fit corner content

Detecting Image Edges (finding the crop points)

var pixelBoundary = Image.FromFile("").DetectPadding(); // you can also specify the background color if it is not transparent

Direct Memory Access (reading/writing pixels quickly)

// NOTE: This locks and accesses the bitmap's unmanaged memory. This is NOT thread-safe.
var image = Image.FromFile("");
using (var context = image.CreateUnsafeContext())
	for (var x = 0; x < context.Width; x++)
		for (var y = 0; y < context.Height; y++)
			var pixel = context.GetRawPixel(x, y);
			var average = Convert.ToByte((pixel.Red + pixel.Green + pixel.Blue)/3d);
			context.SetPixel(x, y, pixel.Alpha, average, average, average);

Animated Gif Encoding

using (var image = Image.FromFile(""))
using (var gif = File.OpenWrite(""))
using (var encoder = new GifEncoder(gif))
	for (var i = 0; i < 360; i += 10)
		using (var frame = image.Rotate(i, false))

Font Borders

var img = new Bitmap(600, 200);
using (var gfx = Graphics.FromImage(img))
using (var font = new Font(SystemFonts.DefaultFont.FontFamily, 50))
	gfx.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.AntiAlias;
	gfx.DrawString("ABCabc123", font, Brushes.Black, 0, 0, 50,
		new[] {Color.Red, Color.Green, Color.Blue},
		new[] {0f, 0.5f, 1f});