A Go tracing package for Datadog APM
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rkuska and gbbr ddtrace/tracer: WithError is no-op with nil err (#394)
To create a bound contract add mention that when nil error is passed it has no effect on trace.
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go get gopkg.in/DataDog/dd-trace-go.v1/ddtrace


  • Go 1.9
  • Datadog's Trace Agent >= 5.21.1


The API is documented on godoc as well as Datadog's official documentation. If you are migrating from an older version of the tracer (e.g. 0.6.x) you may also find the migration document we've put together helpful.


Before considering contributions to the project, please take a moment to read our brief contribution guidelines.


Tests can be run locally using the Go toolset. The grpc.v12 integration will fail (and this is normal), because it covers for deprecated methods. In the CI environment we vendor this version of the library inside the integration. Under normal circumstances this is not something that we want to do, because users using this integration might be running versions different from the vendored one, creating hard to debug conflicts.

To run integration tests locally, you should set the INTEGRATION environment variable. The dependencies of the integration tests are best run via Docker. To get an idea about the versions and the set-up take a look at our CI config.

The best way to run the entire test suite is using the CircleCI CLI. Simply run circleci build in the repository root. Note that you might have to increase the resources dedicated to Docker to around 4GB.