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  1. UIG-REST-Library UIG-REST-Library Public

    Pascal 2

  2. WebQuery171 WebQuery171 Public

    Original WebQuery

    JavaScript 2

  3. cdsSeqFileHandler cdsSeqFileHandler Public

    Class for reading/writing text files. Hides channels, handles BOMs, embedded CRLF and embedded quotes.

    PHP 1 1

  4. VDFQuery20 VDFQuery20 Public

    Old VDFQuery library ported to DF20. Only to help migrate legacy applications to DF20.

    PLSQL 1

  5. Stables20 Stables20 Public

    A genearal purpose library used by some DataFlex utility programs out there. For DF versions from 19.1 and backwards this was called 'StureApsPublicLib'.

    PLSQL 1 2

  6. WebQuery20-0 WebQuery20-0 Public

    WebQuery for DataFlex 20.0

    HTML 1 1


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