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Simplify construction of complex graph traversals by implementing a traversal builder pattern in Java
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Implementing Graph Traversal Builder in Java

This project demonstrates how to implement and use a traversal builder that can significantly simplify the construction of complex traversals.

Contributor(s): Daniel Kuppitz


  • Demonstrate how to use the builder pattern to simplify the construction of complex Gremlin traversals

Project Layout

How this Works

The graph being used in this project is based on TinkerPop's modern graph. The only difference is an added uses edge between peter and ripple.

The application can run without a connection to a DataStax Enterprise (DSE) cluster (in that case, it will execute all traversals on a TinkerGraph). The application's user interface will show all the available commands that can be used to establish a connection to a DSE cluster and build/execute certain traversals (note, that there's also support for tab completion).

Setup and Running


  • Java 8
  • DSE Cluster with Graph enabled or TinkerGraph


To start the sample application, which is a simple CLI application, run the following command from the application's root directory:


This shell script will start the application, or recompile and start the application if any source file is newer than the current binary file.

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