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What this project is for

This repository is a prototype for a new object oriented streams API, intended for inclusion in the PHP standard library in PHP 7.

It is *not* intended to be used for anything to write useful code with. The parts that are implemented are only implemented for testing purposes, to aid in the process of evaluating whether the API makes sense. It is possible that somewhere down the line this will become a forwards compatibility implementation, but at the moment the code here should be regarded as highly unstable and essentially useless.

Attempt to use the code in this repository at your peril!

Where this project is at

Initially I was planning to create a more-or-less literal translation of the existing streams API to and object oriented API and take it from there. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to let me know.


Contributions are welcome and actively encouraged. If you think something about this API is wrong, fix it! All pull requests and issues will be considered.

If you do clone this repo with a view to making major changes, please consider starting a discussion about your proposed changes first (opening an issue is currently the recommended way to do this), so that we can check that you won't be duplicating existing work, and that you are not going down a road that has been previously considered and rejected - although this doesn't mean it won't be reconsidered if you have a new take on it.


Prototype for an object oriented streams API in PHP



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