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A simple website with a blog

simple-website-with-blog is a simple Node.js web application for static content that includes a blog. It was created as the basis for my own website, but everyone is welcome to use it. The implementation strives to be simple and free of unnecessary dependencies.


  • An easy way to create a simple, secure website with a blog
  • Support for text-based and photo-based blog formats
  • Easy authoring in HTML, Markdown (with code formatting), or JSON
  • Ordering of posts by publish date or content date
  • Easy customization of site layout and formatting
  • High resolution (2x) support for photo blog images
  • Support for Windows and Linux hosting with Node.js
  • Simple post format that separates content and metadata
  • Ability to author hidden posts and schedule a publish date
  • Ability to create posts that never show up in the timeline
  • Support for archive links and tagging of posts by category
  • Quick search of post content, including simple search queries
  • Automatic Twitter and Open Graph metadata for social media
  • Automatic cross-linking of related posts
  • No JavaScript requirement for client browsers


  • /app.js Entry point for the application, configures the server and static content
  • /blog.js Implementation of the blog, archives, tags, search, and RSS
  • /config.js Environment variables used to control basic behavior
  • /sites/shared.js(x) Blog layout code shared by the sample sites
  • /sites/sample-text/render.js(x) Blog layout code for the sample text blog
  • /sites/sample-text/static/... Static files and directories for the sample text blog
  • /sites/sample-text/posts/... Post metadata and content for the sample text blog
  • /sites/sample-photo/... Sample photo blog
  • /sites/test/... Test site for running unit tests


  • Install Node.js version 8+
  • Fork and clone repository
  • Create directory under /sites or use one of the samples
  • Add static content to /sites/yoursite/static
  • Add post JSON and content under /sites/yoursite/posts
  • npm install
  • npm run compile
  • npm start
  • Open http://localhost:3000/ and verify
  • Commit changes to repository
  • Deploy repository to hosting service


  • SWWB_SITE_ROOT Set to specify the site to use when serving content (ex: ./sites/sample-text)
  • SWWB_REDIRECT_TO_HTTPS Set to true to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS and set an HSTS header
  • SWWB_SHOW_FUTURE_POSTS Set to true to show posts with a publish date in the future (good when authoring locally)
  • SWWB_HOSTNAME_TOKEN Set to change the replacement token for inserting host name in posts (RSS uses absolute URLs)
  • SWWB_ACME_CHALLENGE Set to specify the ACME challenge for Let's Encrypt (ex: abc.123,def.456)



  • Open issue, discuss proposal
  • Fork and clone repository
  • Change code and update tests
  • npm test
  • npm run lint
  • Review changes
  • Send pull request