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DeforaOS Panel

About Panel

This program is meant to display an arbitrary number of desktop panels, with support for one per edge of the screen at the moment. Each panel can then host a number of applets, implemented as plug-ins to the main program.

A number of additional utilities is also available, allowing tighter integration of external applications, as well as when responding to system events (notifications...).


Each of these tools, as well as Panel itself, are documented in a series of manual pages. They are also available in the HTML format.

Compiling Panel

The current requirements for compiling Panel are as follows:

  • Gtk+ 2.4 or later, or Gtk+ 3.0 or later
  • DeforaOS libDesktop
  • DeforaOS Browser
  • an implementation of make
  • gettext (libintl) for translations
  • docbook-xsl for the documentation (optional)

With these installed, the following command should be enough to compile Panel on most systems:

$ make

On some systems, the Makefiles shipped can be re-generated accordingly thanks to the DeforaOS configure tool.

The compilation process supports a number of options, such as PREFIX and DESTDIR for packaging and portability, or OBJDIR for compilation outside of the source tree.

Extending Panel

Applets for the Panel program can be written according to the API definitions installed and found in <Desktop/Panel.h> (here in include/Panel.h).

A sample applet can be found in src/applets/template.c.

Further applets can also be found in the DeforaOS Integration project.

Distributing Panel

DeforaOS Panel is subject to the terms of the GPL license, version 3. Please see the COPYING file for more information.