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Table of Contents

Super Web Scripts

A command line interface, and set of scripts for common web tasks.



From PyPi

run pip install sws or sudo pip3 install sws.

From source

  1. Clone the github repo (
  2. cd into the 'sws' root directory (where is) and run pip install . or sudo pip3 install .

Additional Documentation

API Documentation can be found at

User Documentation for the cli can be found at

What does sws do?

sws is both a cli, and an API with the goal of making common web development tasks simple.

Specifically the API is designed to:

  1. Be a cross-platform utility API
  2. Give sensible high-level functions for common tasks
  3. Provide useful constants such as a list of dns record types
  4. Provide a set of utility classes for common tasks (such as downloads)

The CLI is designed to:

  1. Provide a cross-platform set of tools
  2. Provide a toolbox for ease of use tasks so you don't need to know dozens of commands
  3. Make doing simple tasks simpler

Features & Roadmap

Domain names

Get information about domain names including:

  • Who is the registrar
  • When the domain expires


Get information about the trace of http redirects


Get deails about the ssl cert of a hostname such as:

  • When the cert will expire
  • The issuer of the cert
  • A full dict of the details of the cert


Allows for the download of videos as well as geting metadata


Prints a table of the DNS records for a given domain


A full roadmap for each project version can be found here:

Why should I use sws?

The best marketing pitch that I can give you is that it's easy to use, free, and open source. The project really is here so that people don't have to keep writing the same implementations of basic tasks, and can instead use a tested package that contains a ton of functionality. Additionally if you don't want to use all of sws's features, because it is MIT liscenced you can feel free to vendor functions within your own project.

Who is sws for?

Really it can be used by anyone, but here are the most typial use cases:

  • Web developers; tools provided in sws can help with debugging and validating web servers
  • Devops Specialists & testers; can use sws api to automate validation that servers are running how they should be
  • People learning webdev; Sometimes getting access to tooling while learning webdev can be difficult, this can be a one-stop shop for lots of functionality
  • Scripters; people who are looking to use sws functionality in their own projects

Development-Contribution guide

See Contribution guide for details about helping with development.