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Nov 20, 2020

This repo contains demos for DevExpress Blazor components and free DevExpress Blazor tools. Refer to the following sections for more information:

DevExpress UI for Blazor

DevExpress UI for Blazor ships with native and high performance UI components including the Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Scheduler, Charts, and Data Editors. These components can help you create intuitive and refined user experiences for Blazor Server (ASP.NET Core) and Blazor WebAssembly hosting models.


The demo folder contains demo sources. For information on how to run demos locally, refer to the Demos help topic.

DevExpress Blazor components also ship with online demos.

Free Blazor Utilities and Dev Tools

The tools folder contains the DevExpress Blazor products available free-of-charge:

Get Started

The following help topics describe how to start using Blazor components:


Refer to online documentation.

Helpful Resources

Support and Feedback

Welcome to our Support Center if you want to ask questions, share ideas, or report an issue.

Bootstrap Themes

DevExpress Blazor components use the client-side Bootstrap framework to render their user interface. You can apply a Bootstrap-based theme to a Blazor application to change the appearance of all the components. Refer to the Themes help topic for more information.

NuGet Package Change Log

Check out the NuGet package's version history.

Version Compatibility

Check out the version compatibility of .NET Core and the DevExpress.Blazor NuGet package.