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  1. A collection cmdlets for working with the PowerBI API's

    PowerShell 174 69

  2. ai-lab Public

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Experiments by DevScope

    Jupyter Notebook 19 3

  3. A collection of powerfull but simple powershell cmdlets for working with SQL databases.

    PowerShell 18 8

  4. A single lightweight powershell module with cmdlets to manage SSAS Instances (On-Prem or Azure)

    PowerShell 9 14

  5. A windows service / console application to create & subscribe to Analysis Services XEvents and save them on disk in JSON format.

    C# 7 2

  6. Document processing is unavoidable for most companies. The process can be tough, rely heavily on manual workflows and limited by human capacity and speed. SmartDocumentor is an all-in-one data extr…

    C# 7 1



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